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Music is my religion.
My friend :iconx-emz-heart-x: did this for me using Photoshop and has let me use it as an I.D, and the only way it seems to be able to use it as my I.D is if I upload it as a deviation, so all credit goes to her :)

Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything.
Favourite style of art: manga/anime, digital and fantasy... anything really that capture's my eye
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Alice (Disney and Madness returns), Soul, Maka, Death the Kid , Link (Legend of Zelda), Chi from Chobits. and the Big Bang Theory crew :D
Personal Quote: Music is my religion

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Gentlegiant92 2 days ago  Student Interface Designer
I can't link the video itself but whabam. I FINALLY DID IT.…
.. did you film that or get it off the web somewhere?
Gentlegiant92 2 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Greeny, you know me best. Do you really think I'd go outside?
This was shot by someone else, at Pax East in America. 
.... I thought you might have, but did suspect kit wasn't lol.

Gentlegiant92 Apr 4, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Gentlegiant92 Apr 4, 2014  Student Interface Designer…
Anime is called "Kill La Kill". ^.^
Gentlegiant92 Mar 21, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Assassin's Creed Unity is now CONFIRMED by Ubisoft!…
The girly squeal I made, I'm ashamed to call myself a man!
hahahaha, oh you XD

And I can't get into the hype yet as I haven't finished playing AC1! XD .. Haven't played it in a bit lol. But the AC series is so cool.

Could you please tell me where each AC game is set (like time era and country) and what the main theme of the story is (eg. French revolution, wars, etc)

... I feel dumb lol
Gentlegiant92 Mar 22, 2014  Student Interface Designer
You need to finish it guuuuurrrrrlllll, it's soooo good. ^.^

Okay dokey, done deal! I'll tell you the basic plot points but this may ruin a few of the games a teeny bit. So the lists will get shorter as I go further into spoiler territory. 

AC1 takes place during the First Crusade 1191, this you'd probably know. Altair is the main protagonists who failed his mission to retrieve an important artifact for his Mentor. Throughout the game, Altair must redeem himself by killing 9 Templars. Templars are Knights, who plan to rule the world their way and strip humanity of their freedoms. As an Assassin, this has been your fight since the dawn of time.
In modern day, you play as Desmond, a 25 year old Bartender who is kidnapped and taken to a Abstergo Research Facility in Italy. 

AC2 has Desmond escape the Abstergo Facility, but not before discovering another ancestor that he and "Subject 16" both share, Ezio Auditore.
After escaping, Desmond joins up with other fellow modern day Assassins in a secret location somewhere in Italy, and the Assassins decide that it's time Desmond learn how to become an Assassin. They plan to use the Bleeding Effect (An effect of overusing the Animus on a person resulting in multiple personality syndrome) and Ezio's memories to train Desmond.
Ezio, of course, is in Renaissance Italy, in the time span of 1459 and 1499 and in several locations around Italy: Florence, Tuscany, Forli, Venice, Rome, ect.

ACBrotherhood is the second part of Ezio's trilogy: Desmond travels to Monteriggioni, the hometown of the Auditore family.
Brotherhood takes place solely in Rome (And various small missions outside Rome, excluding DLC & Ending mission) through the years 1500 - 1507. 

ACRevelations is the final part of Ezio's trilogy which takes place in the Animus, there's no modern day roaming here!
Revelations takes place in Istanbul or Constantinople if you're feeling fancy, as well as Masyaf and a few outside places in side missions and Cappadocia. This time, Ezio has grown to an old age and takes place between the times of 1509 - 1513. But other than the first game, this is the only game you can also play as Altair!

AC3 was supposed to be the final game and concludes the main story of the modern day era. During the events of Revelations, Desmond now finds himself in a rural part of America amongst the ruins of "Those Who Came Before". AC3 Follows Connor Kenway, or Ratonhnhake:ton, a young half native american/british man, who only wants to do what is best for his tribe.
The first part of the game follows his father, Haytham Kenway and his journeys during 1754 - 1760 then shifts to Connor who is then followed from 1760 to around 1783. 

And finally AC4 Black Flag is a prequel to AC3 and follows Connor's grandfather Edward Kenway. Modern day roaming follows an unnamed Abstergo worker, shortly after the events of AC3, reliving Edwards memories via "donations" of DNA through an animus. 
AC4 takes place between the time of 1715, with the game finishing shortly around 1733, telling Edwards story of turning from a pirate seeking only gold to seeing the truth in mankind.

There isn't much we know about the 7th game but Assassin's Creed Unity is set in 18th Century France, with most people guessing the French Revolution, since the trailer shows chaos, fires and the famous Guillotine.
No idea on the name or modern day or anything but news is supposed to be coming out shortly. Ubisoft only announced this news because those rumours I talked to you about were legitimately leaked.
Someone spilled the beans before Ubisoft's okay! My guess is they were saving it until E3. 
I kept it as spoiler free as I could, enjoy the novel!
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