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Wide Awake by LeDarkness1
Wide Awake
This is Zorro. He is so tiny!!!! Just a baby kitten! He belongs to a friend of mine. He and his sister Zia were so adorable and so much fun to play with.
R.I.P. My beloved cat Matilda who passed away suddenly yesterday (2/12/14) due to a suspected snake bite. I unfortunately was not there to say goodbye or help ease her pain. I will forever cherish the 11 years of her life.
Eternally adorable by LeDarkness1
Eternally adorable
R.I.P. My beloved cat Matilda who passed away suddenly yesterday (2/12/14) due to a suspected snake bite. I unfortunately was not there to say goodbye or help ease her pain. I will forever cherish the 11 years of her life.
Twin Lakes by LeDarkness1
Twin Lakes
Taken in Camperdown Victoria. These are the twin lakes upon high hills- very beautiful. This shot was done on my phone using the panoramic option (so am sorry about the little grey section- this is where it cut out when I was doing it... I don't use this option much). 


Music is my religion.
My friend :iconx-emz-heart-x: did this for me using Photoshop and has let me use it as an I.D, and the only way it seems to be able to use it as my I.D is if I upload it as a deviation, so all credit goes to her :)

Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything.
Favourite style of art: manga/anime, digital and fantasy... anything really that capture's my eye
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Alice (Disney and Madness returns), Soul, Maka, Death the Kid , Link (Legend of Zelda), Chi from Chobits. and the Big Bang Theory crew :D
Personal Quote: Music is my religion

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Al-Fatman Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Hey T. 1: How are you doing? 2: Any thoughts?…
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey Allan :)

1. I'm going alright, I had a little funeral thing for Matilda on Saturday with my nan, read the eulogy, then buried it with a photo of Matilda in a little box, then planted on top some pink lillies I bought, and put the wooden cross I made into the earth. It was my way of saying goodbye, but am not over her death yet, but I promise you I'm fine. Other than that am still looking for work, doing wedding stuff, and getting ready for Christmas.
How about yourself?

2. THAT.IS.AWESOME! Did you do that from scratch? HOW DID YOU DO IT? YANG IS LOOKING GREAT!!! :D
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Interface Designer
That sounds lovely T, at least you've had some closure. You'll be able to move past it soon enough, and only when you're ready. 
Me? I'm okay. Xmas shopping done, nephew's sick but otherwise we're fine.

As for the drawing, thanks! I've been drawing it from eye from a friendo's lineart. I'm glad you approve! ^.^
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
She'll always be my baby. Yeah, one day...

Fair enough, yeah I've done all of mine thank God. Didn't get a load this year asI have to be a bit tighter with money as I still haven't got a job (SO FRUSTRATING!), and I've been looking online, applying online, etc etc. I just hope something pops up soon. My old boss rang me up last week and asked how I was going and if I found a job yet, told him sadly not yet, and he said he's gotta do the xmas roster and asked if I would like to be put down for some shifts over a week (end of December to early January). I said yes and thank you. I don't know yet how many shifts I'll have, but at least that'll help a bit. I just hope sometime in January I can find something here in Camperdown or one of the close surrounding towns.

Oh and I woke up to a scary surprise- I was half asleep and felt something on my face but just smacked my cheek and rolled over. When I actually got up I looked there was a daddy long legs spider squashed at my pillow! I know they're not dangerous but the fact that my brain was right thinking that something was on my face is creepy! Ii am not a fan of spiders. Like last night settling down and chatting to Pete in bed, he noticed a black spider on the ceiling (this house has a high ceiling coz it's from years ago n has been renovated). I was like  "did you HAVE to point that out to me?! Now I'm gonna freak and not sleep! It'll come after me!". And Peter was just like "just leave it, it wont bother you", and I responded "it'll come for me in my sleep! It'll crawl down near where our heads are!!" (little did I know how right I was, but it was the daddy long legs instead XD). So I wouldn't let him go to sleep till we both got rid of it and went through different ways to get rid of it. Some of these included me throwing a shoe at it or squashing it (and Pete was like "but if it falls on the floor it'l be pissed off, will go under the bed, and I'd rather it on the wall then pissed off and under the bed"), hitting it with a broom, spraying the f**k out of it with deoderant (as I have no insect spray in the house currently), etc.
This is how it went down:
I made Peter use the mop the swipe the spider down into a bucket, n then we filled it with water and tipped it outside... I was scared it would climb out and get its revenge on me XD.

Hope this has amused, that was the aim- just imagine it dramatized XD.
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I thought you'd might get a kick out of this. ^.^…
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
hahaha! XD
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Interface Designer
G'day T. Hope you're well. ^.^
Just a heads up, Roosterteeth released the RWBY Volume 2 soundtrack. Bam.…
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Hi Allan :) Yes I'm feeling better now... I spent a few days crying, but was fine since Friday. Am still sad, but am a little more numb now and have accepted what has happened, but still I can't believe that Matilda is gone.

On the plus side I've just been doing and planning wedding things XD

And that's awesome! Thank you man! :D

BTW I like the nice little Christmas touch in your avatar! Did you just photoshop that in? XD
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I'm glad to hear you're doing better now. Five Stages of Death T, you'll get to the end eventually. =)
Wedding things eh? Exciting!
No worries, anytime! I don't use Itunes so I gotta wait for the CD. ;^;

Hahahahaha, thank you! I used my video editing software and a transparent santa hat. ^.^
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Student Interface Designer
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