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Wide Awake by LeDarkness1
Wide Awake
This is Zorro. He is so tiny!!!! Just a baby kitten! He belongs to a friend of mine. He and his sister Zia were so adorable and so much fun to play with.
R.I.P. My beloved cat Matilda who passed away suddenly yesterday (2/12/14) due to a suspected snake bite. I unfortunately was not there to say goodbye or help ease her pain. I will forever cherish the 11 years of her life.
Eternally adorable by LeDarkness1
Eternally adorable
R.I.P. My beloved cat Matilda who passed away suddenly yesterday (2/12/14) due to a suspected snake bite. I unfortunately was not there to say goodbye or help ease her pain. I will forever cherish the 11 years of her life.
Twin Lakes by LeDarkness1
Twin Lakes
Taken in Camperdown Victoria. These are the twin lakes upon high hills- very beautiful. This shot was done on my phone using the panoramic option (so am sorry about the little grey section- this is where it cut out when I was doing it... I don't use this option much). 


Music is my religion.
My friend :iconx-emz-heart-x: did this for me using Photoshop and has let me use it as an I.D, and the only way it seems to be able to use it as my I.D is if I upload it as a deviation, so all credit goes to her :)

Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything.
Favourite style of art: manga/anime, digital and fantasy... anything really that capture's my eye
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Alice (Disney and Madness returns), Soul, Maka, Death the Kid , Link (Legend of Zelda), Chi from Chobits. and the Big Bang Theory crew :D
Personal Quote: Music is my religion

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Al-Fatman Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Chobits: Chibits Special!
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
OMG hahaha! Cute :) Thanks for linking me that ^-^

Oh n btw I've been getting into the original Pokemon series (with the first 150 pokmon) and watching it with Peter, and playing on an old school game boy colour- I caught a red (rare) wild Garadose! Haha!
... N now to get an (original) Eevee- she's so adorable!!!! Have you seen the way she acts n sounds?! EEE!!! (I wish they were real, so f-ing cute!!!!)
I don't mind some of the newer pokemon, but a lot I think are over the top and it goes on too long. .... Imma get my nerd on! XD
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Anytime. ^.^

Are you reeeeally gonna ask a veteran Pokemon fan if I've ever seen an Eevee? Reeeeeeeeally? 
What do you mean it goes on too long? The story? You know you don't have to literally catch every single one, people do it for fun. Some breed pokemon and trade them, others (Like me) battle every challenge available and so on. Plus, 150 is a fyck-ton. You can't even get them all if you don't trade.

NOW, onto your "red gyarados" news....forgive me but if you're gonna "get your nerd on!", you need to know.

Objection Avatar by Chimpantalones
For you to catch a Red Gyarados in a Gen 1 game on a GB Colour is literally impossible!
For starters, the original pokemon game series wasn't in colour, only Yellow was and even then they only stuck to the colour pallets of each town (Hense Pallet Town, Lavender Town, Saffron City etc), and they didn't have shiny pokemon either. Red Gyarados first appears in Gen 2 and only appears in the wild in the generations above 2 that have Magikarp. You catch a Red Gyarados linear to the storyline of Gen 2 in the Lake Of Rage (And most fans don't consider it legit. If it was, then I've caught tons of the f**kers) but the only way to LEGIT find a Red Gyarados or a Gold Magikarp and evolve it into one are 1/8192 odds. Shiny Pokemon wasn't even INVENTED until Gen 2!

"In the core series, Shiny Pokemon were first introduced in Generation 2." You can get shiny pokemon in Fire Red and Leaf Green BUT they are remakes, not true starters and only playable on the Game Boy Advance and emulators, aka unplayable on the GB Color. There is no code in the first gen of games for people to even hack their own shinies, the scenario you speak of is literally impossible!

YOU, my dear lady, have been misinformed, lied to or lying yourself! I REST MY CASE.

Tl;dr it probably isn't a shiny due to reasons above. 
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
.... I meant that the ANIME goes on forever... lol. So many seasons!

... But... Peter said it was rare coz it'd red :( And I'm playing Pokemon Gold. And Yes I did catch Garadose in a lake... he's still awesome though! Great to win battles with... it's like "aww, you're gonna battle with that Pokemon? Cute. Now die. lol.

... So technically only SHINY Pokemon are RARE???
Oh well, I still have the Eevee that Peter got me on the Gold game... I love it so much!!! So kawaii!!!! XD

... so much info to take in... I think I got most of what you said into my brain XD.
I'm not a die hard Pokemon fan and know all about it, but what Ii do watch and play I enjoy :)

I LOVE EEVEE AND IT'S EVOLUTIONS! ... But what's with Slyveon? Seriously- a FAIRY Pokemon? don't get me wrong, it's cute, but they keep going on and on and on with different Pokemon. Isn't there like 700 or something now with all of the series??
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Al-Fatman Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Interface Designer
My turn!

I went digging through my old subs:…

And I just found out there's a sequel!…
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Dafaq, LAWL!!!! XD... random....
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Student Interface Designer
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
Lol, but omg holy cow... 0.o
Al-Fatman Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Student Interface Designer
There are plenty worse things that I can ruin your childhood further. >=D

The author of The Wizard of Oz wanted to reinstate slavery.
Walt Disney was antisemitic (He disliked Jews) and a whole bunch of other races and even openly supported Hitler and his filmmakers for a while!
The original ending to Snow White was the Prince...well, did a horrible thing to her. She actually woke up during childbirth...of her second child.
And finally, in the original ending of Little Red Riding Hood, Red and the Wolf EAT THE GRANDMOTHER TOGETHER.

Boom. How'd I do?
LeDarkness1 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
Wow... lo.

Well from some things I've heard about the Grim tales, Sleeping Beauty woke to a similar experience... pregnant with twins, and the little mermaid had her tongue cut out (instead of her voice removed).
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